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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

Objection to the Pinery Plaza


As president of the Blue Mountain Ratepayers Association and on behalf of members of our Association who live in close proximity to this proposed development and on behalf of the safety of the community at large, I would like to make a few comments:

I would first like to say that I have now read the entire Planning Justification Report that was provided to me.

  •   once again, and like most Public Planning Meetings, there is no site plan to provide a meaningful discussion –what in a fact are we being asked to consider? some abstract plan that will continue to be altered?
  •   the Official Plan for the Town calls for small scale commercial use along the highway corridor – in my opinion, this is certainly not a small commercial use by any means; as if exist now and as proposed; – the applicant and proponent are referring to it as a “Designer Outlet Mall” – this will the biggest commercial development of a property outside of the resort area.
  •   parking will obvious be a major issue and will impact on the traffic load to and from the highway – just look at the existing LCBO on a good day; this development wants a reduction of six parking spaces and argues that they are not needed because of the nature of the convenience store needing only short term parking – I think I can give you a lot more examples in the Town where parking is a problem for short term requirements. – don’t give in, this is justified contrary to what the consultant has indicated! – parking has always been and will continue to a problem in this community and cannot be recovered on this site if considered necessary in the future.
  •   I note that the “biased’ traffic impact study was not accepted by MTO on December 21 (just prior to Christmas) and now the site plan must consider a two-way left turn lane – where is the revised plan showing its location and impacts?

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  •   while I haven’t reviewed the traffic study – I’m confused by the comment by the applicant’s planner that the “new development on the property will not be considered unbearable” – this subjective opinion by an “advocate” is unacceptable and in fact disrespectfully to the resident in the area and the surrounding community.
  •   in the broader picture – a development of an “designer outlet mall” and expansion of the LCOB to a major store, in my opinion goes directly against the Community Improvement Plan and the sustainability of the retail sector in our downtown areas; I can assure you that this will be brought to the attention of the BIA.
  •   instead of promoting a strip commercial development like this, which in my opinion is not sustainable, the Town should be promoting expansion and growth of the LCBO in Thornbury into major store which would provide the foundation of growth for the business sector in Thornbury.

    I hope that the Town uses sound judgment when considering this planning proposal and I hope the concerns of the public are given more weight than the usual “brush-off”.

    I also think that the people expect their council to protect the downtown core areas, curb urban sprawl and stop increased traffic congestion along our main arterial roads, especially at or near the gateway to our community.