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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

BMR Home Farm Support

On behalf of the Blue Mountain Ratepayers’ Association, I am writing this letter in support of a proposed land exchange of the Town-owned lands, described as Part 1, RP16R-2536 and the unopened portion of Helen Street road allowance, for the historical significant Plater-Martin archaeological site (a former Petun Village) and valuable buffer lands held by the adjacent land owner, Craigleith Development Limited.

Back on March 26th, 2012, Mr. Ronald Williamson made a presentation about the historical significance of the Plater –Martin and the Plater-Fleming sites and emphasized that it is essential that these sites come into public hands to be protected in full consultation with the Huron-Wendat people. Members of Council spoke very highly of making this commitment and Warden Deputy Mayor McKinlay noted that the “first priority is the preservation of the lands”. Director of Planning and Building David Finbow stated that “…with development comes opportunity…” and noted that the Town was in discussions with developers for the highest and best use of these lands.

Well Council, the land adjacent owner has provided you the “opportunity” and now it’s time for you to live up to your commitment.

The Weider family has protected the Plater-Martin site for many years and is now offering it, along with significant amount of buffer lands, in exchange for 10.90 acres of surplus town-owned lands fronting on the east side of County Road 19. Report PL.12.155 and dated December 17, 2012 is very clear in stating that the “Exchanged Lands” comprising of 38.8 acres have a greater value than the subject Town-owned lands. In my opinion, as a former professional real estate appraiser, the “Exchanged Lands” are much more valuable and as a taxpayer I also see significant community benefits like parkland, trails and a destination place. I think Council should jump at this opportunity – the “Exchange Lands” are priceless!
Let’s show our community that this Town is serious about protecting these sites and is committed to “preserving and enhancing the natural and environmental features and cultural heritage of the community”. Let’s get it done.

Yours respectfully,
Michael P. Seguin
President , Blue Mountain Ratepayers’ Association