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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

Is the BMRA anti-business and is there a need to ‘Tone-Down’?

Recently, I have been advised that there is a perception in our community that the BMRA is ‘anti-business’.

I can assure you that the BMRA is not anti-business nor is it pro- business. As President of the Association, for the last 6 years, my first concern, has and will always be, seeking and maintaining a high quality of life as well as protecting the health and the safety of our community. We do this predominantly by bringing awareness to issues that affect, threaten and/or burden the ‘unaware’ taxpayer and/or their property. We also speak sometimes to issues in advocating for a better deal for the ratepayers – a deal that makes sense and is ‘the right thing to do’.
It appears that some people believe that seeking a better quality of life and asking for a better deal is ‘anti-business’.

People who consider the BMRA as ‘anti-business’ have no idea who we are and should spend more time learning about us rather than make unqualified statements about us. Chances are that they have never experienced any threats against their property, home and family life.

The BMRA has many long-standing members who are well-educated, have extensive corporate backgrounds and lots of financial experience. Never have they voiced their displeasure to me that the Association is ‘anti-business’. So I question the motives and/or attitude of anyone who complains about the meaningful direction of our Association.

While I have your attention, I continue to hear voices telling me ‘to tone my comments down”. I have sat through many Council and Committee meetings over the years and have heard many deputations, and I can honestly tell you that toned-down presentations seldom work. While there are times to be polite or ‘toned-down”, I’m a believer that if you don’t say what you really mean, then you’re not serious enough about your convictions. Hoping that the other side will listen to your problems or concerns and agree with you, no matter how strong your case, is just wishful thinking, especially in politics at any level.

I recently opened a fortune cookie and it said “a man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”. Well I can honestly say that I’m comfortable with my tone these days, but do you approve?