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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

Is the Telfer Project a wrap up – or not?

The efforts of the Napier-Victoria Residents group will not be forgotten.

I’ve just recently received a 4-year summary report from the Napier-Victoria Residents Group (NVRG) on the proposed Telfer Homes development on the south side of Napier Street in Thornbury. The co-chairs, John Corrigan and Brian Nelson, deserve considerable ‘kudos’ for spending relentless hours in leading a “CHARGE” to address an undesirable high density land-lease development on a ‘shoe-string’ budget.

Over a four year period, both John and Brian organized and attended some 36 meetings engaging the neighbouring residents (close to 100), seeking public opinion, seeking planning opinion and understanding of process, speaking to staff in various departments and speaking out at Public Meetings. No funds were spent on professional help (i.e. lawyers, planners, etc.). Only $344.53 was spent to cover minor expenses – equivalent to cost of one hour of legal advice.

In the summary report, John and Brian refer to the four years as an “amazing journey”. I can truly attest, by attending a number of these meetings, to the fact that it was an “amazing journey”, one that resulted in a final OMB Hearing and concessions that will bring some positive changes to the proposed development, and one that addresses the bigger ‘picture’ and the need to provide a vision or better planning of undeveloped lands in the town of Thornbury.

Thank you John and Brian, and to all the residents of the neighbourhood for your fortitude, your desire and your commitment in search for better community planning.

So what’s next? Will the development actually take place? No trunk-line services have been installed to the lot-line yet and there has been no movement on the site.

The co-chairs have advised that that the developer is required to give the Town a minimum of 5 days notice of their intent to start construction. There has been some speculation that the developer plans to start their project in the spring of 2015, but wouldn’t they be providing some news or some marketing activity? Was this development just a ‘field of schemes’?

Stay tuned for the continuing story of “The Telfer Project” – fact or fiction, will anyone buy this story?