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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

My Tribute to Stanley George Back – 1932-2011

Stan was a valuable volunteer member of the Blue Mountain Ratepayers’ Board, who basically joined about the same time I did – around 2005. However, prior to 2005 I know that Stan was much more active behind the scenes in helping make our community a much healthier and safe one to live in (he also served on the Community Policing Committee). Regarding his Board activities, Stan always wanted to make sure that news about issues and happenings in the Blue Mountains got out to our members. He continuous volunteered his time and house (and Linda, of course) to help with the newsletter, folding and stuffing and delivering them to the UPS (or the post office) and strategic location throughout the community. I certainly never questioned him on where he was delivering them – because I always got good feedback. Interesting story – while we were stuffing envelopes one day – I asked Stan about PROBUS, WHICH HE ALWAYS SAID GOOD THINGS ABOUT. I asked him if I could join and as President could he get me in sooner rather than later – he looked at me with a big grin on his face and said “Michael my boy, you will have to wait in line like everyone else – maybe 1-2 years”. I knew I wasn’t getting in the back door. I guess after constantly bugging him about Probus – Stan finally said he would invite me to a Probus meeting to be introduced. The moderator states “….and Stan Back has invited a guest today, Mr. Michael Seguin, President of the BMRA” – the crowd started giving a warm reception before I even stood up and waved – I Iooked at Stan and saw that big grin again and knew that reception was more for him than me. I still didn’t get that offer to join through the back door. My last story involves one of our Board meetings – Stan was always a quiet one intent on listening to the rest of us banter back and forth about issues. Then one meeting (out of the blue), Stan looks at me (not with that famous grin but more with a stare) and says “Michael, these meetings are going on too long – you need to shorten them!” The room went silent and I think everyone including myself were in shock but we also all agreed. The meetings have now been shortened and run much smoother thanks to Stan. Stanley was an unselfish volunteer work for the Association and I can certainly say that you will be missed by the Board and the many members of the of the community who knew you.