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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

Prelude to another municipal election in 2014

Based on the number of Council, Committee and public meetings that I have attended over three terms, no seats at this Council should be considered safe.

The “whole Town is talking” and many residents, both urban and rural, both part-time and full-time, are saying that they are not happy with the current attitude of this Council regarding their concerns and needs and the way the Town is spending their money.

The residents say that they are prepared to express their disappointment with incumbents at the polls in October, 2014. Residents are tired of being bullied and portrayed as NIMBY’s and their issues not being recognized or taken into consideration at public meetings. They expect solutions and demand best practices be followed in their municipality, just as their employer expects in their workplace. Residents also expect to be consulted more in advance of major issues, regardless of whether there’s a legal requirement to do so. They also want their concerns to be considered more in the decision making process, instead of being ignored or disregarded.

In my opinion, the “sleeping municipal giant” has been awakened and it won’t be satisfied till October, 2014.

Historically, municipal voter turn-out has been shamefully low, partly because of the (also shameful) high number of acclamations and false promises by many incumbents. We need to consider and encourage potential new candidates that will provide some choice and/or alternative. If you have any aspirations or desire to enact “change” in attitude and direction in the leadership of this community, please consider yourself as a candidate for the next election. The Board is planning to schedule an “all candidates” meeting in early October, 2014 in order to help our members decide who are the best candidates to lead us over the next 4 years (2015-2018).

It is important to mention that our membership base is stronger than ever, with approximately 280 family memberships representing close to 500 potential voters. In addition, we have now added 11 Condo memberships and 41 Board Directors who represent some 1,000 residential units in the Blue Mountain Resort area and also represent another 1,500 potential voters. Surely, based on 4,102 votes cast in the last election (38.81% of eligible voters), I think that we can help make a positive difference in our municipal affairs.

Starting with the municipal budget in January, 2014, our experienced Budget Review Committee will keep you apprised all the financial developments in the continuing saga of more taxes and charges resulting from more budget padding and discretionary spending in the new year and years to come.

If you have any topics or issues that you want our Board to consider in leading up to the municipal election, please do not hesitate to contact me through the website ( or send me a message via the Association’s mailing address. As I have always said and will continue to say: “You are the heart and soul of the Association and we value your opinion”.