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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

A plea to Council – Save the old Town Hall

There are many ratepayers and residents, including newly elected and re-elected candidates, who have expressed their concerns regarding the demolition of the old Town hall, without proper public consultation.

For many years, this facility represented the focal address for considerable Town activities and its size and shape were accepted as it blended in with the heritage character of the Town of Thornbury. While we recognize that a new facility will replace the old Town hall, we cannot abandoned this building like a “car wreck” without properly exploring the cost/benefits of retaining this building for alternative community uses. We ask that you let the people decide if it’s worthwhile to retain/or destroy a part of our heritage.

Please bear in mind that the existing Town hall is not an old building. It was in fact designed to have a second floor put on for future expansion. Any modifications to this building do not need to meet “LEED” standards. The existing old Town hall could be retained as a shell and easily be renovated to an acceptable and affordable standard that can be used as a smaller community centre for the use of Blue Mountain residents and visitors to Thornbury. A new and innovative park around this building and next to the new Town hall would also bring more people into the town center providing a much needed boost to the economy of Thornbury.

We believe that the old Town hall is a sustainable asset worth exploring!
We are asking this Council to exercise their “due diligence” in exploring the cost/benefits of retaining of existing old Town hall for alternative uses. The public should have some say in the decision making process on whether or not “it makes sense” to retain this building. We recommend that members of the public be included on a committee with Council members and staff, if necessary, to determine these cost/benefits. If it proves to be too onerous and a substantial cost to the taxpayers to retain the building in any form, then I think the taxpayers and the residents of this community will applaud you for making the effort to be transparent and accountable.

We await your recommendation.
From concerned people of the community is search of answers.