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Councillor - Town of Blue Mountains

Strategic Planning – a Roadmap for Our Future

A need for CHANGE!

OK, what’s all the fuss? You may say that this is just another ‘pie in the sky’ plan by the Town staff to make sure they get what they want and that all fiscal and human resources are aligned to their needs.

Well, I’m happy to say that this STRATEGIC PLAN is not being driven by Town Staff but by Council, including yours truly. ‘CHANGE’ was the buzz words often heard during the last municipal election (October, 2014) and everyone on Council agrees that we now need to focus on the challenges and opportunities that will bring about more positive changes in the way we do things at Town Hall, both in the short term and the long term.

Professional consultants have taken us (Council, Town staff and stakeholders) through the process of developing strategic priorities and a framework for a new STATEGIC PLAN (vision statement, mission statement, goals and actions). However, our ‘brainstorming ideas’ maybe too limited and influenced by bureaucracy. So we need your help to make sure we are on the right track.

Please plan to attend a Public Workshop on Saturday August 8th, 2015 between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m., to assist us in bringing this new plan to life, one that focuses on improving our IDENTITY, ENGAGEMENT, OPPORTUNITY and a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.